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Seven Classical Concerts

Season 78
September 2024 to April 2025

Seasons 1 to 10

Season 1 - September 1946 to March 1948

Music Group of the Andover Community Association

For the first 12 years we were known as the Music Group which was part of the Andover Community Association.

The numbering of seasons did not start until the 1971/72 season. Unfortunately, due to some confusion between how to number the seasons and how to number an 'anniversary' it is believed that the season was incorrectly numbered 25 instead of 26. To ensure all season numbering reflects what has become the 'accepted' season numbering we will move the error to 'the beginning of time'. As we have no information for the first few seasons we do not know if the club was simply founded in 1946 and the first concerts started in 1947/48 or if there were concerts during 1946/47. If we discover that the latter was the case then we will label that season to be the "Inaugural Season" or Season Zero.

Note that for the first 25 years there were 3 concerts in a season. There were some occasional, additional concerts (often for charity) with a further fee which will not be included in this record.

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1st Season Committee

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Season 2 - September 1948 to March 1949

No Concert Information Available for this Season

2nd Season Committee

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Season 3 - September 1949 to March 1950

No Concert Information Available for this Season

3rd Season Committee

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Season 4 - September 1950 to March 1951

No Concert Information Available for this Season

4th Season Committee

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Season 5 - September 1951 to March 1952

No Concert Information Available for this Season

5th Season Committee

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Season 6 - September 1952 to March 1953

No Concert Information Available for this Season

6th Season Committee

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Season 7 - September 1953 to March 1954

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7th Season Committee

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Season 8 - September 1954 to March 1955

Venue for these early concerts likely to be Andover Guildhall

Wed 2 Mar 1955

Violin, Flute & Piano


Bach Sonata in G major for Flute and Violin
Mozart Sonata in A
Saint‑Saëns Havanaise
Saint‑Saëns Introduction
Saint‑Saëns Rondo Capriccioso
"Album Musicale"
Chopin Polonaise in A flat
Gluck Dance of the Blessed Spirits
Elgar La Capricieuse
Ibert Aria
de Falla Fire Dance
Gover Suo-Gan
Sarasate Zapateado
Couperin Rossignol en Amour
Godard Allegro (Suite of three pieces)
Bach Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring
Delibes Waltz ("Naila")

8th Season Committee
Secretary: Miss Gladys New    

(only name available)


Season 9 - September 1955 to February 1956

Wed 30 Nov 1955 7:00pm

Newbury String Players


Mudge Concerto No. 4 in D minor
Purcell I attempt from love's sickness to fly
Purcell When I am laid in earth
Bach Oh yes, just so (from Phoebus & Pan)
Mozart Concerto in E flat K. 449 for Pianoforte and Strings
Milford Fishing by Moonlight
Garth Concerto No. 1 in D for Violoncello and Strings
Bloch Concerto Grosso for String Orchestra with Piano Obligato

Wed 29 Feb 1956

The Opera Players

Don Pasquale:

Comic Opera in Three Acts by Gaetano Donizetti (A shortened version in English and in full costume)
Act I Scene I Don Pasquale's room (in the morning)
Act I Scene II Norina's boudoir (a little later)
Act II Sitting room of Don Pasquale's house (afternoon of the same day)
Act III Scene I Ante-room in Don Pasquale's house (evening of the same day)
Act III Scene II The Garden of Don Pasquale's house (later that evening)

9th Season Committee

No Information Available

Season 10 - October 1956 to February 1957

Wed 3 Oct 1956 7:00pm

Voice, Viola & Harpsichord


Dowland Fine Knacks for Ladies
Johnson As I walked forth
Hume Tobacco
Rosseter What then is Love
Morley It was a lover and his Lass
Viola and Harpsichord:
Henry VIII Pavan
Dowland The King of Denmark's Galliard Lachrimae Coactae, Mrs Nicols Almand, Mr George Whitehead his Almand
Harpsichord Solos:
Rameau La Joyeuse
Couperin Les Fastes de la Grande et Ancienne Ménéstrandise
Couperin Les Notables, et Jurés - Ménéstrandise
Couperin Les Vieleux, et les Gueux
Couperin Les Jongleurs, Sauteurs: et Saltinbanques: avec les Ours et les Singes
Couperin Les Invalides, ou gens estropiés au service de la grande Ménéstrandise
Couperin Désordre, et déroute de toute la troup: causés par les Yvrognes, les Singes, et les Ours
Purcell Music for a while, I'll sail upon the Dog-star, If love's a sweet passion, There's not a swain of the plain, Man is for the woman made
Viola and Harpsichord:
Flackton Sonato in C minor
Harpsichord Solos:
Scarlatti Sonata in E minor (Longo No. 24)
Scarlatti Minuet in G
Scarlatti Sonato in D (Longo No. 14)
Arne Celia and Damon
Recit: Fair Celia love pretended
Aria: To all the sex deceitful
Recit: But Celia now relenting
Aria: How engaging, how endearing

Wed 5 Dec 1956 7:00pm

Constance Carrodus

Character Studies in Folk Song

Piano Solos:
Chopin Prelude, Nocturne, Valse
Folk Songs from England (arranged by):
Dunstan Truro Agricultural Show
Sharp The Sheep Shearing
Moffat One Moonlight Night
Mason The Little Old Marketwoman
Broadwood King Henry, My Son
Edmonds Mr. John Blunt
Trad The Souling Song
Sharp One Man shall Mow my Meadow
Mason A Paradox
Sharp O No John
Piano Solos:
Debussy Movement, Clair de Lune, Minstrels
Folk Songs from other Countries (arranged by):
Knight Le Café
Tiersot Briolage
Swinyard Il était une Bérgére
Pennington Do do, l'enfant do
Trad Joli Tambour (French Canada)
Fletcher The Maypole
Kappey The Sparrow
Rybner Roselille
Sadero Fa la nana Bambin
Demeny Jaj de busan Harangoznak (Sorrowful Bells), Ritka buza, Ritka arpa (Ripe corn, ripe wheat)
Corrodus Lioba
Corrodus O du Lieber Augustin

The Venue for this concert was the Girls' Secondary Modern School

Wed 27 Feb 1957 7:00pm

The Opera Players

The Barber of Seville

Comic Opera in Three Acts by Gioachino Rossini (English version by Professor E. J. Dent)
Act I Outside Dr. Bartolo's house in Seville
Act II Inside the House
Act III Scene I Inside the House (the music room)
Act III Scene II Inside the House

10th Season Committee
Chairman: Mrs. B. Machin   Mrs. R. Morris
  Mrs. G. R. Davies   Miss M. Kebby
  Mrs. D. Rodgers Secretary: Miss Gladys New

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